Vinod Gupta Equips Women Of India With Educational Empowerment


Growing up in New Delhi, in a home with no electricity, Vinod “Vin” Gupta realized early on that education was the key to success. He also had an innate sense that one must value and see opportunity in whatever circumstances arise. Gupta attended college in India before immigrating to the U.S. and earning a master’s degree in business from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

Upon graduation, Vin Gupta secured a position as a marketing research analyst for a manufactured home builder. He was tasked with providing a list of mobile home dealers for his employer. When he discovered no established means of doing so, he used print phone books to research and compose a database of relevant companies.

This endeavor led Gupta to realize that such databases were in high demand in several business-to-business applications. Vin expanded his database model to numerous industries and began marketing them with a $100 budget from a loan. From there, Vin Gupta built his first multi-million dollar company, American Business Information, in 1972.

Vin Gupta believed that his philosophy of gaining education and enthusiastically following through with even small opportunities fueled his success. He became determined to share that philosophy with others and give back to his community. Although Gupta supports several philanthropic endeavors, providing millions of dollars, one of the most notable is his creation of the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic school in his hometown, Rampur Maniharan.

Aware of the gender disparity in India’s society, Gupta built the school for women and established courses in web design, software and information technology applications, and textile design. See This Page to learn more.

In further Vin Gupta’s support of “Women’s Education”, Gupta also built a girls’ school in the town and provided everything from buses to textbooks. The nation considers his work in closing India’s gender gap as having historical significance.


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