Victoria Doramus Overcomes Addiction

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Victoria Doramus is a trend analysis expert that has also taken a personal journal to become a recovery expert as well. In the midst of a career that involved trend analysis and marketing, Victoria would also face challenges with alcohol and drug addiction.

She managed to break free of these addictions, but it was definitely a long road to recovery. Doramus engaged in the use of alcohol and cocaine at one time. She got to a point in her life where she did not have a cell phone or more than $3 in her pocket. All of these would be things that would challenge her to take a serious look in her life. She knew after spending time getting high and utilizing drugs that it will be difficult for her to sustain a career of any type.

Victoria Doramus has been vocal about her career and changing her perspective on addiction. This would be something that would allow her to tell her story and help other people that were going through this as well.

Victoria Doramus has managed to kick her addiction, she has also been able to sustain a career as a consultant in marketing. Trend analysis is what she knows best, and this ability to break free of drug use has allowed her to write about her own story and what she has gone through. She was a journalism major in college, and this allowed her to write articles as well for people during her career where she focused on fashion trends.

All of these things would ultimately play a big part in helping Victoria Ramos create a better way to channel her energy. She would put down the alcohol and drugs and take more time to focus on the job that she had. Victoria (@victoriadoramus) would use her time wisely and become a trend analysis consultant.

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