Victoria Doramus’ Journey In Fighting Addiction And Her Commitment To Help Addicts In New York


Victoria Doramus is professional in print media and digital creative fields. Victoria Doramus has vast knowledge and experience in branding, communication, media, and advertising. She pursued a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Colorado. She has worked with different organizations including Peter Berg as Personal assistant to Film Director, Various as Research Assistant, Trendera as the West Coast Director, Creative Artists Agency as a group coordinator, Stila Cosmetics as a Consultant, and Mindshare as the assistant media Planner. She was also self-employed as the director of Philanthropy in 2016. She has a passion for charity where she is involved with foundations such as Winehouse, Room to Read, Women’s Prison Association and Best Friends Animal Society.

As an expert in substance addiction and behavior, Victoria Doramus details on how to fight addiction from her own experiences. She enrolled into a rehab session in 2011 in Arizona where she spent 45 days being counseled on how to fight her addiction on cocaine and Adderall. She left the Arizona rehab with full hope of a bright future but she did not understand the extent of her problem. Before she realized the real danger of her problem in 2016, she had already made friends, worked on different jobs and lived in different states. This is where she decided to enroll in a 60-day rehab session at Connecticut where she was focused on getting her status better. See This Page to learn more.

Victoria Doramus went back to New York in 2016 where she underwent different medications from different doctors and later in Manhattan where she made a network that could help her with her situation. In 2017, she underwent an eight-month serious medication at Burning Tree facility in Texas. In 2018, she started committing her life to not- profit and charitable organizations to help those people who needed her assistance with her experience of drug addiction. She has skills in marketing and networking that enable the charity groups to bring awareness to the society about the problems at hand. She believes in support and character modeling in fighting against addiction. Victoria Doramus aim is to help people in New York who are battling with drugs related problems by administering different forms of therapy to the unique patterns of addictions on people.


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