Victoria Doramus Designing

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Victoria Doramus is a person who has an understanding of global markets. Since 2002 when she attended the University of Colorado in Boulder,Colorado where she graduated with a BA degree in Journalism. She then became a ghost writer, where she did not get any credit for assisting with the research for these books. Then in January of 2012 she attended the Contemporary Design Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London. This is where she was able to learn about Contemporary Art and Design.

She took coursework with the concentration in Fashion History. She finished in 2013. To further her knowledge in 2010 she became an Art Direction and Trend Consultant: J Crew and Stila Cosmetics Collaboration . Here she was able to develop many visual materials for the Holidays and the Summer in 2010, She also was a developer of more visual materials in the Summer and Spring of 2011.

In a post from Behance, it says that in 2015 she became a personal Assistant to the TV film director Peter Berg in New York. This is where she took care of his household and manged all of his domestic chores including coordinating his all of his household domestic staff. She held many different positions in the years before 2015.

She now has created some clothing styles and has many followers. Her new styles are available on Pinterest. The pricing ranges from $91.00 to $ 125.00 It is evident that her popularity will grow in the future just from viewing her designs and watching how her popularity and following is growing.