Upwork IPO Interests Investors

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Upwork’s IPO gives way to the growing interest of people wanting to get a piece of this booming gig worker economy. The market is promising for freelancing. Investors have seen that Upwork could be a lucrative business venture. The company successful made a debut onto the NASDAQ. This also proved to potential investors of how successful digital tech world is. Upwork will be more than a hefty payout to investors. Being apart of Upwork will allow for investors to be connected to one of the businesses that changed the next few decades of the way people made a living for themselves.

Being apart of Upwork rewards investors with the chance of being apart of a movement, a time in history where the American economy is changing. The workplace is being revolutionized. People are not working how they use to. Alternative workplaces, especially digital ones, are becoming the new thing. This is not a mere trend. Studies show that freelancing and gig working will become a monumental shift in how people in America earn a living. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the workplace went through a shift. People began to move from manual labor to mass production. Then later on in the twentieth century people shifted from mass production to white collar or office jobs. In today’s society we are going through another historical shift during this digital craze era.

Upwork offers many perks to both employers and freelancers on their platform. Upwork allows for employers to select from a wide array of freelancers that have the work history, skills and job success to their liking. Writers, designers, web developers, app developers, programmers, translators and marketing experts are just a few of the freelancers on Upwork. The platform allows for freelancers to have access to working with major brands that are not often times afforded to freelancers living in smaller and rural areas. Two million projects are handled on this platform annually. As the gig worker economy is expected to increase, this number is expected to multiple. This soft of multiplication definitely has caught the eye of several big time investors.