The Ryan Seacrest Foundation

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The Ryan Seacrest Foundation was started in order to inspire the youth of today. Ryan Seacrest has visited many Hospitals across the United States that care for children. He says he is amazed at the strength of these children because many of them are facing life threatening illnesses.

He has taken on the task of creating broadcast media centers in children’s hospitals across the country. He has undertaken this job with the help of his family, Mom and Dad, and sister. The name chosen is Seacrest studios. By doing this, children will have the chance to not only interact with radio and TV studios which will be state of the art, but they will also be able to meet celebrities. Ryan feels that creating these studios it will be a distraction for these children and hopefully will be an uplifting force for them.

According to the New York Times, his vision for Ryan Seacrest foundation, is also to reach out to journalism students in the schools and be able to help them get first hand experience in the broadcasting industry. His Pediatric Seacrest Studios incorporate DJ’s who are interns and/or patients who host live radio show and may play music for the children. They are taught to use all of the equipment in the studio. There are also some educational segments which encompass, science, history, art and dance. Sports and entertainment, and of course the hospital doctors use the studio to be able to interact with all of the hospital community.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation (@ryanseacrest) would not be what it is without the many celebrities who donate their time to give the children a great sense of their caring community these celebrities help to create. Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez were among the very first celebrity ambassadors. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation is very thankful to these very dedicated people.

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