The Path Of Heal And Soothe

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Jesse Cannone is a co-founder and current CEO of The Healthy Back Institute. He is dedicated to leading the institute to help chronic pain sufferers live healthy, pain-free lives. It was during his own experience dealing with sports injury-related pain that he first realized the great need in this area. However, he said he has always been highly interested in the mind-body connection so that played a huge factor in his entering the medical field. He first became a certified Post-Rehabilitation Specialist, a Specialist in Performance Nutrition, an Advanced Level Fitness Trainer, and a Master Fitness Trainer.


It was during his time as a professional trainer that Cannone found the extreme importance that personal habits play in a person’s wellness. But it was also during this time that his past sports injuries started making it harder to do the physically demanding things required by the job. Upon visiting a doctor, a surgery was immediately recommended. He did not like this solution since it would only temporarily mask the pain. So, he did further research about pain relief. It was during this research that he discovered that there actually are very good therapies out there that effectively eradicate back pain.


It was shortly after this that he co-founded Healthy Back Institute where he was instrumental in developing a huge line of all-natural supplements and holistic pain management tips and resources. The institution prides itself on being transparent, wellness-focused, and completely honest Cannone is not the only one that has become disillusioned with conventional medicine. This is a feeling that is spreading around to many patients unhappy with conventional medicines many side effects and untrustworthy, interest-driven pharmaceutical companies. Read This Article for information about his interview on IdeaMensch


He is also an author, having penned the book “The Seven Days Back Pain Cure.” He gave this away for free in both digital and physical copy form. He has also given many other forms of pain-relief information to the public free of charge. He says he was able to eliminate the anti-pain meds he had been prescribed and get on with his life. To formulate Heal And Soothe and help people with back pain Jesse Cannone has consulted with over 100 top experts in the fields of both natural health as well as the healthcare field.


For people who want to get rid of their pain in an all-natural way, he came up with Heal And Soothe. This product is a dietary supplement that is taken once a day. The ingredients are a mix of the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory enzymes. Heal And Soothe has enzymes that comes from natural herbs and plants like devil’s claw, rutin, papain, turmeric extract, and bromelain. all the ingredients have excellent safety records and studies haven’t shown any significant side effects to including them in your diet.


It is produced by National Enzyme Company, sponsored by Healthy Back Institute and sold and distributed by Living Well Nutraceuticals.


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