Steve Lesnard Provides Simple Tips to Successful Digital Product Marketing

Digital marketing, especially of products has been on the rise for the past few years, and the upward trajectory is not likely to slow down soon. With the emergence of more and more social media-based marketing tools, organizations need to be careful to use these platforms in the right way from the very start. Steve Lesnard, a Global Brand Strategy Consultant who has over 20 years of experience at Nike, specializes in helping businesses rethink their growth strategies, notes that although digital mediums of marketing provide numerous benefits, they may produce adverse results if not utilized efficiently.

He points out that brands which place the needs of the customer first, are often the ones which customers relate to, and they manage to create a positive initial impression amidst all the noise from the competition. When it comes to product introduction, Steve Lesnard states that the best approach is to emphasize the innovations and improvements of the product. Many brands want to announce everything that they feel their product can do, and thus lose out on the chance to highlight the features that are relevant to their customer base. By keeping upgrades simple, as well as providing a unique experience for users, Apple and Peleton are according to Steve Lesnard, great examples of how these brands chose an outstanding feature, thereby creating a storyline which they were able to communicate effectively.

The current digital marketing allows, and to some extent, encourages the use of videos and live images to, as Steve Lesnard puts it, give life to the customer experience that the product offers. Videos offer an opportunity to leave an impression on the viewer, not only related to the specific usage of the product but also centered on the lifestyle, experiences and real-life aspects that are related to those who use it. His advice is for businesses to spend time on choosing the correct, and most attention-grabbing ambassadors, who are best positioned to broadcast the chosen message and the benefits that the consumer associates and eventually remembers about a brand.