Sharon Prince And Georgia Partner To Combat Slavery


Sharon Prince’s commitment to helping marginalized communities in need is hard to dispute. As chair and president of the Grace Farms Foundation, she’s dedicated to making sure that the efforts of the Foundation are as conscientious as possible, and that includes putting new initiatives in place to modernize the group and make sure that all their decisions are in lockstep with their mission statement.


Case in point is her announcement that the Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the nation of Georgia and the charitable organization known as Unchain. This memorandum is a bold move towards achieving a more sustainable future. Together, these three groups have outlined new protocol for supply chain transparency designed to minimize the spread of human slavery and eradicate its spread.


It’s a decision that coalesces nicely with new initiatives forwarded by the Georgian government. Their ambitious ten year goal is to make their country technologically in step with more developed countries, ecologically responsible, and sustainable. But the hope of these three organizations is that their efforts will extend beyond Georgia. The Georgian memorandum is a testbed for a larger platform – one that can educate other nations as well as the corporations and investors that support them.


For those who have been following Sharon Prince and her Grace Farms Foundation, the tenor of this decision should come at no surprise. Grace Farms is built around the principle of promoting world peace and environmental sustainability, and Ms. Sharon Prince’s efforts to curb child exploitation, violence against women, and human trafficking are well documented. While Unchain is an organization that stands on its own two feet, it was originally launched as an anti-slavery campaign by Ms. Prince herself.


While there’s no one solution to human slavery, Ms. Prince sees the Memorandum of Understanding as an important step forward. Without a commitment to accountability that spans government, business, and investment, slavery will continue to thrive, and established standards are one of the most important methods for creating that necessary accountability. The initiative will approach supply chain transparency on both the macro and the micro level. Get More Information Here.


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