Ryan Seacrest and RSF

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Many celebrities begin foundations and non-profit organizations to assist those in need but an innovative approach to healing is rare among them. Through bringing the technology of radio, television and other media to pediatric hospitals across the nation, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation has proven that a commitment to the patients, their families and staff is indeed more than just about music or news.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation has facilitated what are known as Seacrest Studios in various pediatric hospitals in the United States. Each studio is designed to bring together hospital patients, their families, volunteers, and hospital staff to learn and share creating a community of togetherness and hope. Through creating a proactive venue for educational and entertaining interaction within the hospital community, this endeavor provides a communication process that in the past was just a dream making it now a reality. While a portion of the Seacrest Studios programming allows patient interaction within the confines of the studios, the feed is streamed out for viewing on each hospital closed-circuit network providing in-room viewing. Whether working or playing, watching and listening, the goal is to reach out and participate in the healing process.

The mission of creating more Seacrest Studios in pediatric hospitals requires funding. With current sponsors and donors ranging from local community members to celebrities and large corporations, there is still more to do. Providing educational programming, in science, history and more to patients requires support, volunteers and sharing the word about the foundation and its endeavors.

The Seacrest family’s desire to create an environment of innovative programs providing patients a new avenue of hope while sparking their imaginations and creativity continues to grow. Testimonials shared by patients and family members agree that this program is beneficial. The children enjoy learning about the various forms of media and equipment, creating videos while working together, and taking part in sharing their stories. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation also provides an innovative intern program for students from local journalism schools encouraging and teaching them new journalistic and media skills through access to important equipment and information furthering their road to success.

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