Roseann Bennett Incorporates Canine Therapy

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Roseann Bennett has spent the last decade making an impact on thousands of people. Bennett has spent the last ten years serving as a marriage and family therapist to a diverse group of people. Roseann Bennett is responsible for establishing the Center for Assessment and Treatment in New Jersey. Through this center she has been able to impact many lives.

Roseann Bennett is an innovator in her field. She is responsible for leading for various programs and maintaining the operations of her clinic. She believes in helping all people especially those who are cast off or marginalized by their community. During her many years of service Roseann Bennett has never turned a client away because of their inability to pay. While leading the Center for Assessment Bennett is responsible for supervising and evaluating employees, leading staff development and providing student training.

Roseann Bennett has always looked for ways to be innovative in her practice. Recently she has begun using dogs as part of her treatment plans. “Canine-Assisted Therapy” has been a growing technique and one that Bennett believes in. Therapy dogs are often great for dealing with emotional needs.

These dogs are especially helpful for people dealing with issues like anxiety or depression. This therapy is also believed to be great at lowering blood pressure, releasing good endorphins and improving cardiovascular health. View Related Info Here.

“Canine-Assisted Therapy” is used in a number of settings including schools, nursing homes, libraries and mental health centers. The dogs known for being best for this therapy include Greyhounds, German Shepherds, Pugs and Labrador Retrievers. Roseann Bennett has made this therapy a regular part of the treatment offered at her facility. She continues to be a leader and innovator in the therapy world.


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