Robert Diegnan Is The Co-founder And CEO Of ATS Digital Services

Robert Deignan has led an extremely successful career that most people could only dream of. Robert is currently working as the Chief Executive Officer at ATS Digital Services, a company which he also co-founded. Robert was able to earn a full scholarship to go to college at Purdue University due to his impressive talent for playing football at his high school. Deignan studied Organizational Leadership at Purdue University and earned his bachelors degree.

Success came early for Robert as he found his very first company when he was still just a teenager. At the time, Robert founded the company Fanlink along with one of his friends, which taught him the basics of running a business. After taking up a position at an anti-malware company, Robert gains substantial experience in digital services and company management.

Robert then used his acquired knowledge to start up another company in the anti-malware department, ATS Digital Services. Since co-founding the company, a wide variety of different digital services have been added to what the company offers on top of anti-malware. Nearly all of these services are available to the public, though there are some specialized ones for specific clients. What makes ATS Digital Services truly stand out is there exceptionally fast services. Robert has stated that at ATS Digital, customers service is a top priority and addressing all digital concerns happens right away.

It’s no picnic running a company, says Robert Deignan, as nearly every day is full and busy to the brim. Despite this, Robert is able to spend time with his family and work on future prospects for his company. Robert Deignan has two business partners that founded ATS Digital alongside him and the three of them are constantly working to expand on ATS Digital’s size and services. For most situations, ATS Digital is able to remotely access their client’s devices to sort out their issues, though sometimes physical visits are required for more advanced technical problems.