National Steel Car: Its Sustainable Growth In The Hands Of Gregory Aziz


North America has been known for its many thriving businesses. Most of the highly esteemed business leaders and great companies are based in this country. The National Steel Car is one of the companies that contribute to the economic growth of this country.

The Ontario-based company is lucky to have had some of the highly talented business leaders. Gregory Aziz serves in this company in different positions. Besides being the CEO and President of the company, he is also the chairman. Many countries across the world use the railroad freight cars for different purposes.

1Gregory J Aziz was born in Ontario, London, in 1949. He went to Ridley College where he started his academic career life. His appetite for economics couldn’t be quenched in any way. Western Ontario University is among the universities that offer the best quality economic studies. He loved economics, and that’s why he majored in it. His family operated a wholesale food business, which he joined after his college life. Affiliate Foods was the name of the business his family had established in 1971. Within 20 years, the family business had expanded, and it could import fresh foods from South American, Central American, and European markets.

The network distribution of his family business was stretching across the United States and eastern Canada. Between 1980 and 1990, he was in New York where he joined the investment banking. In 1994, Dofasco sold the National Steel Car to him. Gregory J Aziz knew the company was great once, and it needed to get back to where it was. He didn’t see a dilapidated company when he was buying it.

Gregory rather saw a railroad freight company that would shake the world some days to come. When a great business leader sees an investment opportunity, they don’t wait for the circumstances to be favorable. They do what they can to make the circumstances favorable.

Greg knew the company could show engineering excellence. However, he had to come up with some profound structures on capital and human investment, and team building. The manufacturing capacity of the company couldn’t be expanded without these requirements. Although the company used to produce about 3,500 units, James Aziz did his best to increase this capacity to 12,000 freight cars. It’s amazing how Gregory grew his employees from 600 to about 3,000. The United Way, Hamilton Opera, Theater Aquarius, and Salvation Army are some of the places that benefit from his charity fund. View More Information Here.

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