Market America CEO JR RINDIGER is Changing the Business Landscape

JR Ridinger is the founder, chairman, and Market America CEO. He founded Market America in 1992 with its headquarters in Greensboro, NC.


His vision for Market America


What has made the Market America be a successful CEO is majorly on the way he values customers. Unlike other entrepreneurs and wealthy people, JR Ridinger believes that there are enough resources for everyone. He believes that with a proper mindset and shopping patterns anyone can achieve economic independence and financial freedom. And since the company was started, it has been one of the top companies in the US to create many millionaires.


The Market America CEO aim in starting Market America was to enable consumers to shop what they need in the comfort of their homes and most importantly get value for their money. And he has achieved that dream because now Market America sells over 80 million quality products.


Helping fellow entrepreneurs.


What drives JR Ridinger is his love for people. The company is currently rewarding over 200,000 entrepreneurs and businesses 300 of the current millionaires. He lives by the belief that you can achieve success by helping others achieve their success too. That is why Market America rewards entrepreneurs and also their customers.


With Market America operating in nine countries and annual sales of over $1 billion, the American CEO believes it is just a matter of time before they operate in every country in the world.




Being a family man, he draws happiness from his family. He is married to his lovely wife, Loren Ridinger. Has two daughters and two grandchildren. He lives in Miami Beach, Fla.