Madison Street Capital helps achieve Visions for the Future

Madison Street Capital was the driving advisory force behind the recapitalization for PPI (Professional Pipe, Inc.) by KJM Capital, LLC. PPI manufactures and installs process piping for manufacturing facilities, particularly refrigeration and food. The process was found to be quite challenging, according to PPI President John Tyson and the team at PPI was grateful for Madison Street Capital’s due diligence in the matter. The capitalization process will keep PPI on the front curve of the industry.


Because of PPI’s diligence over the forty years they have been in business made it easier to complete the task at hand and help drive PPI to the next level. Part of what KJM does to pair entrepreneurs with the right partner and KJM was able to do that for PPI.

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking company with a continued commitment to leadership, excellence and integrity, along with delivering MA (merger & acquisition) expert advice. Madison takes on a client’s objectives and goals as their own and works diligently to develop a unique strategy that fits the goals and is able to be implemented easily to help the client achieve those goals. Madison sees the emerging markets as the driving force to the worldwide growth of their clients. Madison’s dedication and commitment to applying the highest industry standards, have garnered dedication and loyalty from clients.


PPI, founded in 1972, began as a textile industry piping contractor. In 2006, the company refined its focus to include food processing plants. The industry currently served is the poultry processing plants completing projects for new construction and retrofitting existing facilities. They also provide maintenance for their existing clients.

KJM Capital, LLC focuses on forming partnerships with existing owners to provide finances associated with operational costs. Those costs include accounting and finance and software that serve as the support system for continued upward movement and growth.


Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking firm specializing in M&A (mergers and acquisitions) that works with clients to achieve success in the international market place. Madison recognizes that every client has different goals and not all strategies work the same for all clients. Madison prides itself on developing unique strategies to meet the needs of its clients. Services provided by Madison include financial options advisory, valuations for reporting finances purposes, business valuation and corporate advisory. The company works with clients on M&A by first understanding the true value of the company’s involved and providing advisory services to complete the merger.


With offices in Asia, Africa and North America, Madison has the expertise and the ability to arrange appropriate financing to meet the needs of its clients. The team at Madison provides a variety of financial management services, as well as cutting edge performance.


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