Louis Chenevert Explains How Technology Changes the Industry at a Fast Pace

Louis Chenevert notes that industries are drastically changing because of the change in technology. Every day, an announcement of new applications happens, and there is an improvement in artificial intelligence as well as advanced systems of production. He adds that the existence of innovations keeps everyone wondering what tomorrow holds in the world of business because of advanced technologies arising from companies across the globe. Louis Chenevert gives an example of people aged above ninety years, noting that they have witnessed many changes like the evolution of steam-powered vehicles to the current self-driving cars. The same case applies to the business and other industries that have witnessed numerous changes.

Louis Chenevert witnessed many changes when he worked at UTC, United Technologies Corporation as the Chief Executive Officer and President from 2008 to 2014. The Company operates from Farmington, Connecticut but its branches are scattered around the world. The company is among the leading companies involved in the aerospace industry. The company provided NASA with cell plants to explore the space since 1966. The company works with the private sector and the military in creating new technology and hence high performance. During Chenevert’s leadership in the company, he did credible innovation in their aerospace cell cars. A notable one was the improvement of the propulsion system and engine of F135. The Company today continues to improve the F135 by increasing thrust, minimizing fuel consumption and advanced cooling system.

Louis Chenevert while still working with UTC, United Technology Corporation, also facilitated the improvement of GTF engine. The changes resulted to reduction of moving parts by 30 percent, noise reduction by 50 percent and fuel consumption reduction by twenty percent. The advanced GTF is durable, efficient, and hardy compared to the older model. These developments trained Chenvert always to look ahead and think about what technology would bring next and how to benefit from the changes. Chenevert points out that everything is a candidate of change since the technology is changing at high speed. He cites an example of the film industry especially how they started with sound but today are silent and from the times of black and out to the colored.