Learn How Nick Vertucci Ventured in Real Estate Business

Nick Vertucci is an excellent figure in the real estate industry. He is both the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the Nick Vertucci Companies Inc. These companies are based in Irvine California. He is a full-time expert in the real estate investment. He majors in buying bank owned properties. In his statement, he noted that he helped in the established Turn-key investment system which was set to assist other investors in buying, renovating and leasing properties owned by banks. He also stated that he has vast knowledge and skill in establishing single-family homes. Before he started his career in professional real estate investment, he used to work as the president and the Chief Executive Officer of Coastline Micro. Coastline Micro industry had more than 100 employees and was the most renowned etch business in the whole nation. It provided businesses with computer systems. Despite that Nick is not engaged with Coastline Micro daily operations, he still owns some of the interest made by the company. He added that he also travels all through the United States as a serial trainer.

Nick Vertucci is also recognized as a mentor and a role model to novice and veterans in the real estate investors. He has been hosted for many interviews since he is always ready to share his ideas and successful career in the real estate department. Among the major question that he comes across is for him to explain how his typical day looks like. Nick states that his days usually vary and he has no fixed routine for his duties. He noted that his corporate office is based in OC California which serves as his office. He is usually in the operation of various departments in the corporate offices. He spends most of his time on phone calls together with his executive teams spread across the nation.