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      No Comments on Keep Up With, otherwise known as Jingdong Mall, is certainly a company that individuals should get to know. The company went public in 2014 and saw share prices that ranged around $20. The stock has continued to rise over the years, seeing dips every now and then and has bounced back up.

The stock has witnessed significant dips over the course of its lifetime but one of the most significant was that of the most recent one where it dipped below its initial price of launch a couple of years back. Investors will also want to know that Jingdong was able to bounce back in a strong manner and has come back from $20.00 in December to $31.24 in April. Suffice it to say, was seeing a gradual downturn over the course of 2018, as such, one should know that the market was bearish on over the course of last year.

It seems that sentiment has changed, investors such as Blackrock and others are increasing their shares in Jingdong Mall and others are changing their views on the stock from a neutral to a buy rating.

Here a few things that are going on with the stock as of today. Recent Updates

E-commerce is expected to continue over the next few years.

Companies such as Jingdong Mall is expected to be key stakeholders in e-commerce and technology as a whole. Reports state that e-commerce will continue to climb as more people come online and that e-commerce sales in the United States has exceeded that of $400 billion over the course of 2018. E-commerce is expected to rise at least 10% on a yearly basis as well. The industry has grown so much that it is more than 8% of the total retail market.

The company sees losses in newer divisions and efforts because of the fact that they are new, as such, the company needs more time to build them up and turn them profitable. The moves made by the company in third-party logistics, AI, the blockchain, and other expansion in international markets give the company exposure to more routes to progress.

Jingdong is one company to watch because it is a company that is following in the path of in more ways than one.