Joel Friant: Real Estate Investor Turned Chili Connoisseur

Joel Friant has not only been a successful real estate investor in the early 2000s and then the worst happened – the housing market crash of 2007 when prices plummeted and billions of dollars were lost by investors like him. It was a shock to Joel and he quickly realized that he had to make a change before he lost it all. Joel may have been down, but he was not out. Since then he has switched gears to follow a new passion: habaneros. Through years of being a lover of spicy food, along with traits such as integrity, honesty, and an outstanding work ethic Joel took this love and has spread it to millions of people across the globe with his product The Original Halbanero Shaker. He saw that through his entrepreneurship he could not only bring this product to many people, but he could also make a good living at it.

The Original Halbanero Shaker is chocked full of 100% halbanero chile pepper flakes. The halbaneo chile is a type of spicy pepper that is known for its spiciness. On the Scoville scale, a unit of measurement used to measure the intensity of the spiciness from an ingredient this pepper registers between 100,000 – 350,000 on that scale which makes it the perfect added spice to many popular dishes to give it that extra kick. Joel’s product is not only in a growing number of kitchens around the world but many of his loyal fans keep a bottle in their purses or glove compartments of the vehicles.

It is the high quality of his shaker along with the convenience of portability that has helped to make The Original Halbanero Shaker grow in popularity. It is with the help of his loyal fan-base that has allowed Joel Friant to have so much success with his current product which has allowed him to remain an entrepreneur star who is shining brightly.