Jingdong And DKNY Sign Partnership For Chinese Flagship Store


Jingdong, also popularly known by many as JD.com, has rapidly established themselves as one of the two largest e-commerce retailers in China, so few people with ears to industry movements should be surprised that they’re partnering with one of America’s biggest luxury retailers around.

While DKNY has long been one of the most respected upscale fashion brands in the United States, it has yet to make many inroads into the Chinese market. DKNY’s partnership with JD.com, offers them the credibility and infrastructure they need, and it’s a partnership that seems like a slam dunk for both companies.

With a market of 300 million Chinese and an increasing hunger for apparel in the American style, the upscale New York chain is a perfect fit for the chain and a great way to turn their national brand into an international giant. Nor does there seem to be a better partner within this region than Jingdong.

There are few if any retail companies today that have tapped into the cutting edge e-commerce technologies as effectively as JD.com has.

JD.com’s aggressive moves into the fields of supply chain management, big data analysis, and smart logistics have created a business model that’s lean, dangerous, and better equipped to deliver targeted and convenient shopping experiences to their consumers.

It wouldn’t be DKNY’s first move into the Chinese market. They already have a dedicated branch of operations known as DKNY Greater China, but their partnership with Jingdong is headlined by DKNY’s first flagship shop on the mainland. On the surface, it may seem that jd.com is simply serving as the logistical pipeline for DKNY, but that would undersell the ambitions of the Chinese e-commerce giant. If DKNY’s incursion into the Chinese market is as successful as both companies hope, it could be just the start in an attempt by Jingdong to further tighten their stranglehold on the online retail market Click Here to watch their video on YouTube.


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