Jim Toner is a Reproductive Expert

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The way technology is advancing things have become easier around the world. On a personal and professional level technology has changed many lives and made living easier. Unfortunately infertility is an issue that most women still struggle with no matter how much technology has evolved. Infertility is the inability to conceive children. Fortunately Dr. Jim Toner has made a career in specializing in the treatment of infertility. In addition, he also assist in treating women with recurrent miscarriages. Apart of the treatment he provides emotional care dedicated to each individual specifically. Even though he cannot guarantee pregnancy, he dedicates his time in making sure that people know they deserve a try.

According to fertilityiq.com, Jim Toner earned a B.S. in Psychology from St. Joseph College in Philadelphia. Afterwards, he enrolled in the Medical Scientist Training program at University of Pennsylvania and received a M.D and Ph.D. degree. He dived in deep into reproductive medicine by publishing over 90 abstracts, 75 articles and 15 chapters specifically about reproductive medicine. The work that Dr. Toner has invested in he ended up receiving the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist’ Ciba-Geigy Award as well as the Berlex Foundation Faculty Development Award and the American Fertility Society Ortho Award. He has done 160 presentations at local and national meetings and is now known as a nationally recognized speaker.

The Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine is where Jim Toner has been practicing since 2000. Prior to that he was apart of the medical team at the Jones Institute for Reproductive medicine where he was very successful. Based on patient reviews Dr. Toner is well trusted with their care. Patients feel Dr. Toner is excellent when it comes to answering questions and providing clear explanations on the conditions and treatment. The patients appreciate the time he dedicates to them is rated on an excellent level. Majority of his patients are likely to recommend Dr. Toner to friends and family.

More about Toner’s career history: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimtoner56