JD.com Launches A Research Institute That Will Deal with Smart Logistics For Urban Regions


JD.com is a China-based company that deals with e-commerce. The company has been engaging in numerous projects in China, and they are now set to establish a new research center that will be based in Xiongan, China. The research center will be used to carry out extensive forms of research that will help in the development of automation technology that will be helpful in the future especially when it comes to urban logistics within China.

In October 2018, Jingdong held a “Global Smart Supply Chain Summit” in Beijing, and they were happy to announce the initiative to create a research center. The research center has been formed courtesy of a partnership with the Beijing Wuzi University, the Nankai University, the Shanghai Maritime University, the Beijing Jiaotong University, the Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute, and the Sinotrans & CSC.

Statistics showcase that the urban traffic emissions are mostly emitted by freight vehicles and they also take up a large chunk of the road capacity. The urbanization in China has greatly contributed to the adverse changes to the environment through pollution, and the lives of many people have been disrupted. The research institute will focus on developing a framework for logistics in urban areas to ensure that there is efficiency and that such areas will become environmentally friendly.

The research institute being developed by JD will look into the logistics systems of these urban areas, and they will also utilize the hidden tracks. Such an approach will preserve the environment, and urban logistics will prove to be efficient by ensuring that people are residing in an environmentally friendly area. Chen Xiangsheng is the Director of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and he was accorded a chance to talk about smart cities during the summit that was held by JD.com in 2018. Xiangsheng went ahead and said that the most efficient smart cities make use of the available resources and space. Read This Article for related information.

The use of underground spaces will come in handy since some issues such as environmental and traffic problems will be alleviated. Most of the urban space will also be saved. Since JD.com is well versed with matters about smart logistics and automation, Jingdong believes that the use of technology has numerous long-term benefits.


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