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Vinod Gupta has started up and built a couple of highly successful businesses. Vinod Gupta has served as the Chief Executive Officer of InfoUSA and a venture capital firm. Gupta made a small investment of only $100 to found and build a company that is now worth $680 million. He first founded a marketing company that specialized in providing lists for business to business marketing.

A number of companies have benefited from Gupta’s listing service by helping them get more customers. After establishing his marketing company, Vinod Gupta looked to start up another business. His next business venture would be a venture capital firm. This firm helped provide funds for startup companies in the technology industry as well as assisting those that were struggling.

While owning and running his successful companies, Gupta has been quite helpful to a number of people. He is an active philanthropist who provides contributions to a number of charitable causes. One of his most notable philanthropic activities is giving funds to various schools in India. Along with being an active philanthropist, Gupta has also provided employment opportunities to people from underserved backgrounds. This has helped them start lucrative careers and improve their quality of life. Vinod’s inclusive hiring practices have been well regarded by notable figures such as former United States president Bill Clinton.

Prior to starting his career, Vinod Gupta attended the University of Nebraska. He completed an undergraduate degree and pursued a career in marketing. His first job was as a market research analyst for a company called the Commodore Corporation. This company specialized in manufacturing mobile homes. When working at this company, Vinod looked to get a listing of mobile home dealers. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Since no such list existed, he spent his time looking for a way to get listings of such entities. He invested in direct mail to get the list and it resulted in a high amount of orders. As a result, he realized the demand for business lists and eventually decided to start up his own company.

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