Gregory Aziz: Most Decorated CEO in Canada

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National Steel Car is an engineering firm under the management of CEO Greg Aziz. National Steel Car was started in 1912 by investors led by Sir Morison of Canada. They noticed the railway sector was doing very well at the time and demand for its products was high. They decided to set up a factory in Hamilton which would serve as the manufacturing center for railroad freight cars and tank cars. These investors had the aim of making the company the biggest in the engineering and manufacturing industry. Over a century later, their plan seems to have worked. The company is doing very well and is the biggest in the whole region.

National steel has survived for over one hundred years, not by mere luck but because investors like Greg Aziz are committed never to let the company go down. It has been part of the history of the country and therefore maintains it is an honor to the people. National Steel Car has served the people of North America with great care and diligence. They only provide them with the best products and services.


The National Steel Car is performing well because the client base has maintained their support for the company. The customer is the king of any business. If the clients are to withdraw, there would be no business to talk about. A hundred years later, we are writing about the National Steel Car because the clients have stuck with the company through the thick and thin.


The entrepreneur behind the National Steel Car, Gregory Aziz has committed his heart and mind to the work of making the business grow as much as possible. Greg Aziz is an economist with a degree from the University of Western Ontario. He has been applying the business skills he has learned from school to run some of the business he has passed through. Find Related Information Here.


Greg Aziz had managed a few businesses before he bought the National Steel Car. He worked in a food business owned by his parents and assisted them to make it a multinational supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables. Its markets were mainly in Canada and parts of the U.S.


Gregory J Aziz has managed to transform the National Steel Car. Today, the company is highly successful and continues to expand its business operations to overseas countries. Gregory attributes the success of the company to hard work from the employees to offer the customers the best services, and in return, the clients become loyal supporters of the company.


ISO have recognized the growth of the company awarding it the ISO 9001:2008 certification and received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.


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