Gregory Aziz: Community Leader

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The reality is that sometimes decisions are made, it’s just business. The nature of the business world requires people that possess quick judgment and an accurate understanding of the industry. While there are some that flourish under this kind of pressure, there are others who seem to fall flat. The work of Gregory Aziz reflects a man that found a way to bend an impossibly harsh industry into something of beauty. The accomplishments that he has accumulated as CEO of National Steel Car stand a world apart from any other leader in this industry. Not only does he bring a sense of pride to National Steel Car, but he also brings heart.


In 1994, Gregory James Aziz was looking for a perfect opportunity to create something unique, that is when he bought National Steel Car from it’s then owner Dofasco, a freight and rolling stock manufacturing company. National Steel Car had been established in 1912 and, at one point, had been considered a national treasure. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, National Steel Car had been in decline for many years. Aziz knew that this was the company for him. He set up shop and immediately began working on the business.


The first thing that Aziz wanted to work on was the business side of things. The company was drowning, and he needed to find a way to bring it back to the surface. He started focusing on quality because he believed this would be a pivotal point against his competitors. In two short years, National Steel Car was an award-winning company with their impeccable quality products. This reputation allowed Aziz to grow the business and increase production at the same time. The small company soon ballooned to almost 3,000 employees. See This Article to learn more.


The second thing that Aziz wanted to do was give National Steel Car a little heart. Gregory James Aziz believed that he could do this by organizing food drives and other charitable events through the company. He collaborated with the Salvation Army and the United Way to help increase funding in Hamilton. He also donated to local arts to increase the cultural impact in the area. This was a significant way that National Steel Car would help the city that so many people, including his employees, called home. Greg Aziz looked at National Steel Car, not just as a vehicle for success, but as an opportunity to take something that might be struggling and revive it so that it is able to touch the entire community.


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