Gregory Aziz And Community Care

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1Gregory James Aziz is a true North American leader. He’s in charge of a Canadian company that’s called National Steel Car. People know him as its Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman. National Steel Car is an international force in the worlds of engineering and manufacturing for freight cars. It’s headquartered in Hamilton, a city that’s part of Ontario, Canada. Gregory J. Aziz has been alive and thriving since the spring of 1949. London in Ontario was his place of birth. He completed his studies at Ridley College during his youth. He followed that educational experience by going to the University of Western Ontario. Economics was his major at the nearby institution of higher learning. Visit This Page for more information.


Greg Aziz chose to team up with his family members in the beginning of the seventies. That’s the time he landed an Affiliate Foods position. Affiliate Foods was the name of the wholesale food firm his family ran at the time. Expansion was a big part of the Affiliate Foods plan. It took a little more than 16 years for Affiliate Foods to turn into a global company that specialized in the importing of food items that came from locations such as South America, Central America and Europe. Affiliate Foods catered to prominent wholesale grocery stores all around the Eastern region of Canada. It catered to many United States wholesale stores, too.


Gregory J Aziz was part of a wide array of investment banking efforts in the eighties and nineties. These efforts took place in the United States in New York, New York. Once that timespan was up, he was involved in a deal that related to the acquisition of National Steel Car.


National Steel Car, led by Gregory J Aziz is a massive player in the universe of advancements that pertain to new vehicles. It’s also a company that concentrates on the people around it at all times. It’s been part of sponsorships that serve a host of nearby organizations. Some of these organizations are the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, the Salvation Army and the United Way. The company has given its attention to a broad array of charitable groups that operate in the area. It hosts a yearly holiday gathering that features a food drive, too.

Greg Aziz is married to Irene. Irene is a lot like Aziz in that she revels in taking part in sponsorships. Greg and Irene happily sponsor an event called the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.



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