Greg Aziz: Improving Perfection

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Anyone who knows anything about engineering or manufacturing knows it’s a difficult industry. There’s always something new just around the corner that’s going to cause nothing but problems. Manufacturers don’t have to worry so much, but engineers have to solve those problems. Being an engineer requires someone that’s able to accept change quickly and come up with a solution even faster.


Now there’s a part of manufacturing that also requires a certain type of person. Working with people is not easy; arguably, it’s one of the worst jobs to have. Regardless of personal opinions, having good relationships with customers is important to every business.


Companies that take care of these relationships experience greater success. That’s how companies like National Steel Car survived for over 100 years. Founded in 1912 as Imperial Steel Inc, National Steel has some of the most satisfied customers of any company in the industry. It also has some of the highest standards.


That’s not to say that other companies don’t have high standards. It’s just that other companies don’t have Gregory James Aziz as its CEO. Gregory J Aziz is one of the greatest CEOs to ever lead National Steel Car, something he never brags about.


For Aziz, all of the credit belongs to the employees. He’s a humble man who cares more about the company’s success than he does about his own personal gains. He joined National Steel Car in 1994 and was named CEO a few years later. Since then, he’s taken National Steel in many new directions, but it’s all been for the greater good of the business.


He’ll never admit this, but National Steel’s won the TTX SECO award 13 years in a row because of his leadership. He’s been the one making the company better one new operation at a time. He’s improved upon National Steel’s already perfect reputation.


It may seem impossible, but he consistently outperforms previous years. What makes Aziz so great is his inability to get comfortable with success. He doesn’t allow his workforce to get comfortable either. He’s always raising the bar and pushing for greatness. Read This Article for related information.


When he’s pushing the company to be better, he’s giving back to the community that built the company. Hamilton, Ontario is the hometown of National Steel Car.

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