Fabletics, Comfortable Clothing for the Active Women that’s Easy on the Wallet

You may have heard of a fashion term called, “athleisure.” This fashion trend is the marriage of athletic wear, that can also be worn casually while not at the gym, or, wherever you go to exercise. Kate Hudson has taken this trend by the horns, and, she’s turned it into a 250 million dollar a year business. While you may wonder why Hudson would want to represent the brand, she was chosen due to her great personality, presence, and, she can identify with the brand. Given these factors, Hudson was chosen as a designer, and, she also takes part in the day to day operations of the business. She credits her success to focusing on the brand and, on the customer.


Combining health and, fitness with affordability, fashion, and, functionality has given Fabletics its brand worthiness. The company uses a technique called the “reverse showroom.” This marketing effort means that the online presence brings customers into the retail store nearest to them. The company also uses subscriptions to keep customers stocked up with their favorite athleisure. This method is so successful because customers already know about Fabletics before even setting foot in the retail store. Most of the people that visit Fabletics are either members or, they become members upon visiting the store. This conversion rate is incredibly high for a clothing company. The company uses a variety of methods to obtain and, to keep its customers. This involves a lot of research, and, also keeping your eye on the competition.


The competition for Fabletics is the same as any other retailer. While the company has well over 250 million in sales, it still must compete with online giants, such as Amazon. This is yet another reason the reverse showroom technique is implemented. Giving customers the flexibility to preview online, and, also to see many of the items in the retail store gives Fabletics a huge advantage. The retail component is also cost-effective, due to the fact that the store stocks its merchandise based on buying habits, and, also on trends.


The company also offers tips on health and wellness, and, of course, fashion. Taking the lifestyle quiz helps customers to find the perfect athleisure for, their particular taste and, lifestyle. Fabletics can be found online by visiting https://www.fabletics.com/ today.

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