Elysium Health and Their #1 Product, Basis

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Let’s take a look at Basis, a supplement created by Elysium Health, as well as the company itself.

Who does Elysium Health have on its team?

There are currently a strong team of business people that perform regular commercial functions – think marketing, accounting, and executive, decision-making functions – for Elysium Health. However, Elysium Health partners with seven scientists that are world leaders in their respective fields, all of which are closely related to health science and how it related to the human body.

All of the academicians that work with Elysium Health are tenured among the best schools across the United Kingdom and the United States of America, including Harvard College, Cambridge University, Stanford University, Oxford University, and Duke’s College of Medicine – just to name a few.

What exactly is Elysium Health?

Elysium Health is a health organization that researches and produces supplements. Although Elysium Health has several products on its proverbial plate of upcoming offerings, none of them are slated to be released within the next few months.

That’s okay though – Elysium Health’s flagship product, Basis, is more than enough to keep the company and its many trusted consumers in business and of good cellular health, respectively, for the time being.

Elysium Health was created by a couple of business people, of which there are now about seven, and a scientist named Leonard Guarente. Dr. Guarente works for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – that’s the prestigious university typically referred to by its ever-popular initials, MIT – as the Director of the Glenn Laboratory for the Science of Aging. Thanks to his lengthy career in helping people live longer, healthier lives, combined with being involved with the research of many new compounds, Dr. Guarente unarguably helped contribute to what we now know as Basis, a combination of two tried-and-true natural substances.

What is Basis made up of, and how do we know that it works?

Earlier this year, in the spring and summer months of 2017, Elysium Health financed Basis’ way through a clinical trial. The 120 people involved in the study either took nothing, one capsule’s worth of ingredients, or two capsules’ worth of ingredients equivalent to what’s found in Basis.

These ingredients were given to proportionate numbers of people involved in the study, although neither they nor doctors tracking their performance knew who was taking what. After taking pseudo-Basis – which was practically Basis, as its two active ingredients were the exact same as what was involved in the test – for four weeks, consumers saw their average levels of NAD+ raise between 40 and 90%. Those that didn’t take anything saw their NAD+ serum concentrations raise absolutely none at all.

Basis capsules have 250 milligrams of nicotinamide riboside, 50 milligrams of pterostilbene – the two substances involved in the clinical trial – and four inactive ingredients. They can be purchased in jars of 60 capsules, of which two are recommended to be taken once daily.