Doe Deere: From Rags to Britches

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Doe Deere changed her powerful passions into designer fashions. Her meek beginnings in fashion started just over a decade ago. by altering and redesigning used clothing with her own quirky touches and then marketing her unique pieces online. It wasn’t long before fans become enthralled with Ms. Deere’s eclectic style.

Ultimately, it was her followers’ obsession with her brilliantly colored makeup techniques which inspired her to launch her first company. Ms. Deere created Lime Crime Cosmetics which proudly boasts to be a Vegan based and cruelty-free company. In other words, they don’t harm or even use any critters to develop their products.

Coupled with her entrepreneurial ambitions and her love of beauty and fashion, Doe Deere has gone on to build another promising company called Poppy Angeloff. Her family’s vintage heirlooms and her sister’s strong support encouraged her to create a jewelry line whose beautiful quality pieces would stand the test of time and could be passed down from generation to generation.

Undoubtedly, one of Ms. Deer’s most endearing qualities is her extended compassion and burning desire to help all women discover and express their own special individuality through fashion and makeup. And she has not failed to reach women on a global level. Her heartfelt endeavor to make women happy with themselves can be directly related to her success. Women worldwide have responded favorably and her products are currently in high demand.

While still connected to Lime Crime Cosmetics, Ms. Deere has since sold the company and focuses mainly on Poppy Angeloff. Even as her business continues to expand and profit, one could imagine that it doesn’t negate her originating struggle from rags to britches.

As a fresh immigrant in her late teens, Ms. Deere spent a few difficult and trying years in homeless shelters, scrambling for money, and getting what she could by way of charity. Now, not only do her products bring joy to women around the world, but her victory story itself serves as a testament to what anyone can do if they diligently follow their passions.