Doe Deere Explains How Adversity Led To Her Own “American Dream”

What is the “American Dream” in the 21st-century? For cosmetics mogul and entrepreneur Doe Deere, it is the chance to live a better life than the one she left behind in her home nation of Russia and enjoy a successful career and family. Understanding life in the U.S. can be a tough thing for many immigrants from more isolated regions of the world to get to grips with. A problem Doe Deere admitted she struggled with when she and her family first arrived in the U.S. from their home in the small Russian city of Izhevsk.

Doe Deere wants the world to know that for her, America has always been great and remains so. That is not to say the move from an isolated region of Russia to the metropolis of New York City was a smooth transition for Doe, her mother, and sister. The family first arrived in New York in 1998 with dreams of the matriarch continuing to work as an accountant for a successful New York firm and the children attending school. Doe Deere’s mother found her qualifications needed certification from Russia and was forced to take a job as a cleaner to simply make ends meet for her family. The expense of living in Manhattan was greater than the immigrant family could have imagined with their home eventually lost and a move to a homeless shelter their only option.

Despite the setbacks, Doe Deere and her family refused to give in and their hard work was noticed by the Sanctuary for Families group. The aid of the charitable groups allowed Doe Deere to attend the New York Institute of Fashion and begin the journey towards becoming the founder of the LimeCrime and Poppyangeloff brands. Now based in Los Angeles, it took Doe Deere around a decade to develop her first brand and achieve success as a global cosmetics entrepreneur. For Doe Deere, part of being a strong American is the ability to take risks in order to create a powerful career, which she did when ignoring traditional wisdom and developing the world’s most successful Online cosmetics brand.,999812.html#.W1iT-NVKjIU