Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert’s Leadership

Louis R. Chênevert has served in the position of the Chief Executive Officer at the United Technologies Corporation. He also plays the role of the president within the company. The factor that has made him be at the top point of the organization is the commitment and the excellent records that he has in the various companies that he has served. While at the United Technologies Corporation, he was elected to be the chairman of the firm in the year 2010. Before he began working at the United Technologies Corporation, he was also the President at the Pratt & Whitney where he served in the company for a while. Additionally, he put the company of General Motors at the better scene in the market. Louis R. Chênevert is one of the leaders who are skills in matters of marketing and management. He served in the company of General Motors for approximately 14 years. Louis R. Chênevert is one of the dedicated leaders who has made his way up in the market as far as the matters of leadership are concerned. He can draft the measures and push the goals of the organization to be realized within the right time frame.

Louis R. Chênevert mode of style in the field of leadership has elevated the company of United Technologies Corporation. The records that he in the company is excellent. The dedication of the Louis R. Chênevert has set the company to the high peak. There are many areas that Louis R. Chênevert serves. All these indicate that he is one of the gifted leaders. He was once in charge of the Executive Committees of the Business Roundtable, and he was handling the issues of the Fiscal Policy Committee. Furthermore, the efforts and the skills of the Louis R. Chênevert made him chair the meeting of the Board of Directors for Cargill. He is an educated businessman in the field of Commerce from Université de Montréal, École des hautes études commerciales. The experiences that he has gained from the various post that he has held has enabled him to elevate United Technologies Corporation.