Betsy DeVos: A Role Model for the School Choice Movement

The American education system is flawed, there is no getting around that. When you look at the standards that children of the United States are asked to measure up to, they are either unobtainable or lackluster. Considering the gap that continues to grow between American children and their European counterparts, administrators need to be willing to implement some type of change within the system in order to make their students more competitive. The problem is, that many of these institutions have become complacent and refused to address this growing issue. Instead, they are more interested in maintaining their funding and in a way, punishing their student base. This puts a lot of pressure on higher up administrators to make some of the harder decisions, people like Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.


Betsy DeVos began her career like many other politicians, with an inner motivation to make the country that she lived in so much better. She saw the disparaging state of the education system and immediately began her crusade to help rehab it. Because her ideas are so novel and challenging, she has earned the ire of many different types of individuals all over the country. In the wake of such distress experienced by the public-school system, Betsy DeVos called for greater funding for the private school sector. When people hear the word “private school” they are thinking about prestigious campuses where children are required to wear uniforms and a large tuition, but Betsy DeVos has something entirely different in mind. While these types of schools do have their merit, Betsy DeVos is looking for schools that teach in alternative ways but provide a quality education. These types of institutions could be private schools, charter schools, virtual schools, or any other type of alternative method that parents may elect to participate in. In fact, parents may be interested in the growing popularity centered around homeschooling their children.


The point is, Betsy divorce is not simply content sitting around waiting for the school system to rehab itself. She knows that change needs to happen and it needs to happen now. There continues to be a large sector of the population that is not learning anything from the school system that is currently in place, students are being left behind. While there are many types of programming that are centered around addressing these particular students, they are simply not enough. Parents are placed in the awful position of watching their children struggle and having limited time or availability to address those struggles. Betsy DeVos took this job because she knows that she is the time and motivation that parents need to take on these tough issues. She’s never been interested in the money or accolades that her type of Crusade might garner, she has been an outspoken advocate for years because it is what is right. Even now, she continues to pour money and resources into these types of institutions in the hope that they might inspire more growth in the sector. She will continue to be a role model for the school choice movement.


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