Benefits Of Jingdong E-commerce Platform To Partnering Companies


The Jingdong company works harmoniously with other firms to enhance cooperation that will enable them to grow to greater heights. Thai’s retail top is collaborating with the Central Group to further its expansion in Southeast Asia with the help of the newly launched JD CENTRAL e-commerce platform. Once this platform takes effect from September 28, it will extend JD’s services in the entire region with other already established e-commerce companies such as the Indonesian platform, the Tiki, and Vietnam’s B2C e-commerce.

The JD CENTRAL will provide both direct sales and marketplace models. It will offer a wide range of items for sale, from electronics to digital devices, fashion products, home appliances, boos music to fast-moving consumer products such as toiletries, beverages, cosmetics and a lot more. A good number of shoppers-more than 80% have accessed the platforms through mobile phones. Mobile devices, FMCG, consumer goods and fashion are among the top-selling categories. Other products from the Chinese firms have also attracted a good clientele with brands such as Xiiaomi, Huawei, OnePus, and Lenovo leading the sales.

JD has established a stable world’s substantially advanced retail platform, and it is introducing its best logistics prowess and unmatched delivery speed to the whole of Thai consumers, thanks to its cutting-edge technology. The Jingdong’s warehouse management system runs the JD CENTRAL warehouses. In its headquarters in Bangkok, the JD CENTRAL is focused on delivering its goods the same day after the ordering also; cooperate with other local delivery service providers to achieve nationwide coverage.

Apart from partnering with JD CENTRAL, the Jingdong is collaborating with San Miguel; a top citrus company in the Southern Hemisphere. San Miguel has significantly gained from through reaching the market’s fresh produce via portal. The San Miguel has created Global Fruit Strategic Alliance an initiative intended to promote fruit and vegetable market operations in China using Jingdong also made cooperation agreements with other 18 globally- reputable companies such as the Zespri, Wonderful Citrus and others to sign up and boost their online business via The San Miguel is targeting world-class development and innovation which will enable it to offer their clients quality products through harnessing better linkage channels to contain all the market needs. Read This Article for additional information.

Richard Liu founded in 2004 and is the current CEO of the e-commerce giant in China. Richard Is Worth $11 Billion as reported by Forbes. Though he majored in sociology from a prestigious university, Richard Liu Quiangdong always had a knack for programming languages and sharpened his intermediate skills by taking up excessive freelance work.

After securing an MBA from the China Europe International Business School, Liu Quiangdong started his career with Japan Life. Liu Quiangdong played diverse roles in the computer and business department for two years.


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