AvaTrade Review: If money is no object

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AvaTrade is available in the UK, all the E.U. countries, and British territories. AvaTrade is a forex trading platform that allows you to trade stocks, currencies, and options. AvaTrade is available in a dozen languages, including English, Italian and Chinese. AvaTrade is also available on mobile devices through their Meta Trader 4 app. AvaTrade is a dynamic trading platform that offers different features at the different price tiers.

When purchasing AvaTrade Silver, their most basic plan, you would need to pay a minimum deposit of $100. This plan comes with almost a dozen different services and features, including online courses, and live market news. This is decent for one hundred dollars- but if you had $100,000 and went for the Ava Select plan you would get some serious features, like quicker money withdrawal time.

I was surprised when I noticed the price tier structure of AvaTrade- they just add a zero to the end! However, they do reward their members with bonuses on their deposits. For a $200 deposit, you would receive a $40 bonus, for a $50,000 deposit you’d get a $10,000 bonus. Using the numbers mentioned, you can see that an AvaTrade member receives between a 20 to 25 percent bonus on their deposits.

You could also buy and sell Bitcoin on AvaTrade. Providing their users with the access and security to trade cryptocurrency says a lot about AvaTrade’s level of security. AvaTrade uses a 2-step authentication process, which is the most advanced online security process I’ve seen.

After inputting all of your basic information, like your phone number, you would receive a QR code. This code MUST be printed out and scanned using Google Authenticator. Once the printed code has been scanned a 6-digit number will appear, you then input that number your computer.

AvaTrade is a magnificent trading platform although I would not purchase AvaTrade. The platform would be great for day traders and for those who trade commodities.