Ara Chackerian Invents a Device for Depression Treatment

Mr . Ara Chackerian is known to be the Co-founder and also the General Partner of TMS Health Solutions. Ara is a philanthropist, an investor and also an entrepreneur. Ara reveals that one of his long -term affiliates was the major source of his latest innovation which involves the invention of a device by the name transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). This device is purposed to help in the and treatment of diagnosis depression. Ara Chackerian terms the TMS device as capable of emerging one of the pillars of psychiatric treatment. According to the conducted, TMS treatment has proved to work efficiently in improving the condition of the various patients suffering from depression. According to a doctor by the name Richard Bermudas, the TMS device faces several issues such as restricted insurance coverage and limited number of qualified operators. Richard has faith that his partnership with Ara would bring fourth good inventions that could be of great help to the patients battling depression.

The main idea behind the invention of TMS was to give both the patients and doctors an opportunity to achieve their intended goals. The partnership has led to the establishment of other seven centers which are so far serving a considerable number of patients in the targeted regions. They are focusing of ensuring that the patients feel better as they go to visit the doctors.

Ara Chackerian says that there are various genius minds in existence that are linked to the development of solutions to both social and also economic awareness. These people, especially in the tech world are so much prone to mental disorders. He adds that there have been several cases of suicide in the tech field. According to a research by the university of California, most professionals in the tech field have suffered from mental disorders.