An Overview Of Mark Holyoake

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Mark Holyoake is a renowned British real estate guru who has a reputation for being among the main competitors for the Comporta Estate that had in the past belonged to Espirito Santo. It has been made possible through his membership in the Luxembourg Company Oakvest Holdings as well as his close allies in esteemed Portuguese families, such as the Carvalho Martins, that could improve his chances for getting the estate.

Mark has never had any businesses in Portugal nor made any investments, which also gives him a fair chance at winning. Moreover, two Portuguese banks have shown interest in support of Mark Holyoake which is a good sign for him. Mark was born in the 1970s, and then, later on, he attended the University of Reading, after which he joined the Real Estate business in the early 90s.

He founded his company Oakvest Holdings, in London whose purpose was to mainly buy, manage and develop both commercial and residential properties across London. Among his company’s most significant achievements was that of the Grosvenor Gardens House Building. His real estate business paid him off well as he managed to buy his £10 million home in Ibiza where he resides with his family. Another significant investment that Mark Holyoake made is that of Iceland Seafood International Company.

Mark Holyoake purchased a percentage of Iceland Seafood International’s share capital in 2010 through his investment known as the Iceland Seafood Holdings. It made Holyoake the largest shareholder in the company and inherently one of the members of the company’s board of directors.

This considerable investment was made after the controversial collapse of his company which was known as the British Seafood Group. Visit This Page for more information.

In recent news, Mark Holyoake alongside the CEO of the Iceland Seafood International is said to be stepping down from the board of directors of the company. The two executives will be replaced by two nominees as decided after a board meeting that was held on 2nd February 2019. In this light, Iceland seafood Holdings has had to sell down its shares to allow other players such as entry of Jakob Valgier and the Iceland Iberica among other deals.


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