Altium Capital Contribution in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is undergoing major transformations which promises it a great future. Altium Capital is one of the firms that is investing in the healthcare industry where helps organizations in the healthcare industry by financing them. It is led by Jacob Gottlieb who serves as its managing director. It is based in New York and it seeks to help those healthcare companies that provide unique health and medical treatment options. In recent times, Altium Capital has established partnerships with various firms such as Oramed Pharmaceuticals, Oragenics, and Amarin Corporation.

Altium first invested with the Oramed Pharmaceutical company where it purchased 5.61% of its shares. This firm can be accredited with the discovery of oral insulin which would be used to replace the injectable insulin for those patients living diabetes. The firm successfully developed and tested this insulin capsule and also Oral Glucagon-like peptide. It boasts of a team of professionals who have the much-needed experience as well as the support it gets from some of the world’s best scientists.

The other partnership was with the Amarin company which has its headquarters at Dublin in Ireland. It is a fast-growing firm whose efforts revolved around the establishment of drugs to treat cardiovascular diseases. The firm managed to have its drug known as Vescepa acquire an FDA Approval in the year 2012.

Altium Capital would then collaborate with Oragenics which was launched in 1996. The firm was able to come up with antibiotics that were to be used to treat contagious diseases such as oral mucositis. This technology sought to replace harmful bacteria with useful ones in order to acquire a health-enhancing impact. Oragenics has also partnered with intrexon corporation which has enabled it to access various technologies that can lead to speedy development of antibiotics which are capable of clearing drug-resistant bacteria.