Alex Pall’s Style Shows In His Home And Music

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Alex Pall’s life has changed a lot in his last few years with The Chainsmokers. He went from being a hobbyist DJ in New York to have an impressive, hip mansion in the Hollywood Hills that shows his style extends well beyond just his music. The career of Alex Pall took off after the release of their Diamond selling single “Closer” which features new to the scene star Halsey. While The Chainsmokers had already experienced some success with past singles like “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Roses”, “Closer” became a hit that nobody could have predicted.


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Throw it back to the Golden that started it all

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Unlike a lot of the modern artists of today, The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, have featured their own lyrics and singing on several of their singles. They add that humanity into their music themselves instead of relying on the talents of others. The Chainsmokers didn’t want to be nameless faces in the world of electronic dance music, they wanted to be known for who they are as artists and people with their own genuine feelings and thoughts.

The new home of Alex Pall shows the success that the artist has achieved with his music. While it was built in the 1930’s, expansions and remodels created an eclectic home whose style spans across the decades with an industrial feel. He decorated his home with the help od Chinese-Vietnamese designer Peti Lau. Her work has been featured across the world and she is highly sought after for creating a unique environment that flows together with a mix of bohemian and aristocrat.

One of the most interesting features of Alex Pall’s home is his modern art collection. He is constantly looking to add new pieces to the collection and incorporate them into his expansive home. While the pieces may be diverse, somehow the collection makes the whole home flow together even though the pieces drastically differ from one to the other. Alex Pall even had a hand in decorating the home himself with accents like vibrant jungle wallpaper and a bright orange couch. His style stands out in both his musical career and his style.