Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers discusses career so far

Even when he had begun as a small-time DJ in New York City, Alex Pall (of the scorching hot band The Chainsmokers) knew that his passion for dance music had to be followed and so he took the leap and committed fully to the prospect of building a band out of nothing. It’s been nothing short of a massive success as The Chainsmokers music continues to go globally viral and they sell out arenas seemingly wherever they go.

Most recently, The Chainsmokers sat down with Andy Warhol’s Interview to discuss their rapidly rising single “Closer” which features the electropop singer-songwriter Halsey. In the interview Pall explains that working with Halsey is “A huge step in the right direction” and describes her as “having a very strong voice and is just unapologetically her.” It ended up being a smashing success, staying atop the Billboard Top Pop Songs chart longer than any other song in 2016. In fact, Closer was so successful that it reached the esteemed honor of having over 1 billion streams on Spotify, only the second song to do so.

As The Chainsmokers star continues to rise, Pall was asked about how they are going to continue to wow audiences at live shows to which Pall talked about the hands-on role he tries to take with the visual artists that help with the tour. “I talked to our visualist about our shows everyday,” Pall said, “about creating new content and making things unique to us.” Once again the themes of uniqueness and authenticity that have been emblematic of The Chainsmokers career so far have arisen. As the audience of The Chainsmokers continues to grow it’s refreshing that as an artist Alex Pall is pushing himself to continue to come up with innovative and mind-bending shows that are designed to wow audiences of all ages.