Academy of Art University Embraces Athletics

For years, people have lived with the mindset that any form of creative arts and athletics do not go together and will never go together. This is not true though. Many people who love to play athletic sports also have creative sides that they love to use. The Academy of Art University has heard the plead from these creative athletic people and started many different sports programs within their university.

The Academy of Art University has seen the similarities between the creative arts and athletics. One of these similarities is being able to take criticism and use it to get better. Time management skills are something that is highly needed in both athletics and the creative arts. A person needs both great communication skills as well as organizational skills in order to participate in athletics and the creative arts. One of the major and most often overlooked similarities between the two is ambition.

The Academy of Art University has slowly built up its list of sports teams, which has helped make their school one of the most popular art schools. The university now has sixteen sports teams: women’s soccer, women’s tennis, women’s track and field, women’s volleyball, women’s basketball, women’s softball, women’s golf, women’s cross country, men’s soccer, men’s track and field, men’s basketball, men’s baseball, men’s golf, and men’s cross country.

While students are able to participate in many different sports, the university also offers many different fields of creative arts that a student can major in. The fields of creative arts that are offered at the Academy of Art University are acting, advertising, animation and visual effects, architecture, art education, art history, communications and media technologies, fashion, fine art, game development, graphic design, illustration, industrial design, interior architecture and design, jewelry and metal arts, landscape architecture, motion pictures and television, music production and sound design for visual media,photography, visual development, web design and new media, and writing for film, television, and digital media.