A Master of Networking: Gregory James Aziz

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Have you ever had a friend or coworker that had the uncanny ability to say a few words to someone and completely gain their trust? There are just some people out there that are able to create seemingly impossible relationships. Businessman, investor, and CEO of National Steel Car Gregory James Aziz is one of those people.


Gregory J Aziz got his start in the food industry right after graduating from college. While the business was owned by his extended family, there was very little nepotism involved, and Aziz had to climb through the ranks like anybody else. He made it apparent quickly, however, that he was no ordinary person. His coworkers and managers realized that he was able to create connections with others in a way that could help the business. Gregory J Aziz was promoted over and over again until he was in charge of coming up with new connections for the business.


Greg Aziz used his ability to gain friends in faraway places to benefit the company, and before long he had turned this local food distributor into an international leader in the industry. Aziz created several relationships with new suppliers and Europe and South America, bringing in foods that the company hadn’t even heard of before. He also reached out to several new chains and customers in the United States and Canada to sell them on the prospect of becoming customers. This strategy worked, and Aziz was able to take this small Ontario distributor into the United States and far corners of Canada.


After 16 years at Affiliated Foods and a few years in investment banking, Aziz was ready to take his talents elsewhere. He decided to purchase National Steel Car, a manufacturer of rolling stock and freight cars in Hamilton, Ontario. At the time, National Steel Car was in dire straights. The company was out of capital and was producing obsolete equipment. They had lost many of their contracts with customers in recent years, and their network was not large enough to turn any profits. Greg Aziz stepped in and changed all of that.


Again, using his power to create relationships, Greg Aziz was able to find new customers outside of just Ontario. He put a focus on engineering at the company and hired several well-known designers to make sure the cars produced were top-of-the-line. He sunk capital into new projects and made sure customers knew that National Steel Car was back. With all of his business acumen and abilities to make new friends and contacts, Gregory J. Aziz was able to pull National Steel Car from the ashes and elevate Affiliated Foods to new heights. He really is a master of networking.   Click Here to learn more.