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Live Productions Soaring to New Heights Under Heather Parry

Heather Parry is a skilled and experienced producer who capable of takes up directing roles thanks to her expertise as a seasoned director. Heather is the current president of Live Nations Productions. She assumed the role of president at Live Nations Productions in the December of 2015. Heather parry has… Read more »

Victoria Doramus’ Journey In Fighting Addiction And Her Commitment To Help Addicts In New York

  Victoria Doramus is professional in print media and digital creative fields. Victoria Doramus has vast knowledge and experience in branding, communication, media, and advertising. She pursued a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Colorado. She has worked with different organizations including Peter Berg as Personal… Read more »

How Robert Deignan Professional Overview Influences the Technology Industry

Currently, Robert Deignan serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Co-establisher of the prominent ATS Digital Services. ATS Digital Services concerns itself with different digital and technological elements ranging from slow computers to faulty network connections. Robert Deignan has led the organization into being the leading one-stop resource for computer… Read more »